All Things New

New Heaven & New Earth

The current heaven & earth have been tainted by sin, so they must be destroyed (2 Peter 3:10). ¬†The current heaven (where God is and where saints are) is NOT our final destination. It is a beautiful garden, it is paradise, but it is not where we will live forever. ¬†The future heaven isn’t really heaven at all … it’s a city (New Jerusalem), 1,500 mi sq. – that’s HUGE! ¬†It’s the distance from Boston to Miami and from Denver to Charlotte. ¬†What’s more, it’s taller than the orbit of most space-craft! In total, it will have 12 separate levels, which God brings down to a new earth. God will finally be “with man” & “with them” (see Rev. 21:1-5). ¬†It is the fulfillment of Emmanuel. And, just like Eden, God meets with men face to face – in all of His glory and radiance.

New Body

Our current bodies could not fully enjoy or survive long enough in such a perfect world, so God intends for us to have perfected bodies (1 Cor. 15:49-55). ¬†These new bodies will be sinless, healthy, strong, youthful, and never wear out! ¬†It’s your body – only resurrected and remade. ¬†It’s you – only totally restored, completely overhauled. In¬†Phil. 3:21, the Apostle Paul says that we will have a glorified body – just like Jesus’ body (1 Jn 3:2). ¬†What does that mean? ¬†Well, according to¬†Luke 24:39, Jesus had a literal flesh/bones body – just without limits (was not as hindered by matter and time). ¬†Again, it’s YOU – looking good and feeling fine. ¬†It’s you, only better!

New Life

Eternity will be filled with exciting activities that would make any tropical resort’s events look more like an¬†anemic¬†nursing home’s calendar! Activities will include (but not be limited to):
– Glorifying God (worship as a way of life) by enjoying Him forever (Rev. 4-5)
– Ruling & reigning over cities, nations, angels … maybe even planets & galaxies (2 Tim 2:12)
– Building your own home & planting your garden (Isa 65:17-25)
*It looks like you could have 2 homes: a condo in the city (John 14:2) and a cabin in the country, too!
– Eating the best food & enjoying renewed relationships with others (Rev. 19)
– Exploring the vastness of God and all of His creation (Isa 9:7)

New Heart

Heaven is perfect. ¬†But could be possible that because of our sin, we wouldn’t like certain parts of it? (for example: It might be too big for some. ¬†Too bright. ¬†Wrong colors. ¬†Too crowded. ¬†Too much singing. ¬†Too many minorities…) Actually, this might be something we would have to worry about if we didn’t get a ‘heart transplant’ like Ezekiel prophesied (Ezek. 36:26-27).¬†We are given new desires, new loves, new motives. ¬†A fresh, clean slate without a past!
This new heart is the best of your personality … all strengths, no weaknesses. ¬†It is uniquely you, not cloned or robotic, but driven to please God and find pleasure in all the right things.

The New Now

God desires to make your soul -heaven-ready- today (2 Cor. 5:17). ¬†Will you allow Him to restore, renew, and redeem your soul? ¬†At the moment you surrender to Him, your NEW life of eternity begins. ¬†Dear Christian, If you have been saved for very long, then you may feel as if your salvation is not as new as it used to be – but that’s not the way God sees it. ¬†Your salvation is forever new in Christ. ¬†It never fades, rusts, and doesn’t needs to be¬†maintenanced. ¬†Have you lost the freshness and joy of your salvation? ¬†Let God remind you that He has made it new and it’s still just as new as the day you first believed. ¬†Live in the newness of life (Rom. 6:4).

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