7 Habits of Healthy Churches

In an age of church membership decline, researches are digging hard to find out what makes some churches succeed. Here are some common denominators that healthy churches emphasized:

1. Generating Guests through Effective Outreach
Relationship. Evangelism: sharing the Gospel. Healthy churches draw visitors.

2. Creating Positive First Impressions
Ownership. Appearances can glorify God. Exceeding expectations; being hospitable.

3. Connecting God’s Word with Hearts
Worship. Relevance: Applying undiluted truths to current life-issues.

4. Using Effective Tools & Technologies
Stewardship. Goal: effectiveness (not innovation).

5. Compelling Spiritual Commitments
Leadership. Courageous in advancing the good of others. Pointing people to Jesus.

6. Developing Devoted Disciples
Discipleship. Christian education. Bearing fruit that remains.

7. Joining People Together in Community
Fellowship. Following up Biblically and strategically. Creating bonds with other believers.


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