Out-of-the-Box Outreach

Here are a few soul-winning [outreach] ideas that were ‘out of the box’ when we tried them – and they really worked!  Now we do something like this at least a couple of times a year… not only does it generate a massive amount of visitors, but it gets our church folks genuinely excited about reaching their community!

1. Out-of-the-Box Mass Mailing

We mailed 15,000 copies of the Community Connection Newspaper (reaching 50,000 people for less than $2,400). All-time best investment!  Our 12-page, full-color newspaper printed for $.07 each; mailed for $.07 more.
Where did we get the paper? I designed the paper (I now have 7 templates fully designed and ready for you to use… if you need it) and had it printed at the publishers that prints our local paper.  Here are a few samples: [1] [2] [3] [4]
What about content / articles? Some articles I’ve used w/ permission from other Baptist publications, but most were written by members of our church about things close to their heart.

2. Out-of-the-Box CD Ministry

Sermon CDs – Free, weekly duplication of your message for nursery workers, shut-ins, and the community – not expensive at all ($.25 each), yet priceless in its affects.  With today’s technology, you can have 7-10 ready to give out as people leave the church… and don’t ever charge for them!  Encourage your members to listen to them as they commute to / from work.
Interactive CDs – One of the coolest things we ever did: put the gospel, MP3′s, JPG’s, & PDF’s on a CD… Our folks enjoyed handing them out & people loved getting them… especially those living close to the church (where many people have already received multiple tracts and/or brochures from us).  These cost about 3-4 times the cost of tracts… but their effects were multiplied greater!
Bible MP3 CDs – Have you ever sent a copy of God’s Word into your community… claiming Isaiah 55:11.  We sent out 350 copies of the Bible (New Testament, Genesis, & Psalms) to our neighbors.  Now we give every Sunday visitor a copy, too.  It’s been a huge hit!

One thought on “Out-of-the-Box Outreach

  1. Recently, some men and I participated in a roundtable discussion with Pastor Nix and several other men. These topics were discussed, as well as several others. The men I brought with me were very excited about the possibilities these outreach tools offer, and we are taking steps to use them in our church.

    Thank you for this rich resource, and for your faithfulness to the Lord.

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