Grace, Down Under

Romans 6:14-15 – *Notice the use of the word “under”
Proverbs 30:5   *Every word of God has purpose – “God breathed” none of it is filler

“Under” whether its:  Under the weather & under the circumstances…we’re always living under something

Past: Under the Law – Grace gives a New Motive Romans 3:10-19

  • Before grace…Unrighteousness, ignorant, apathetic, unprofitable, wicked, deceitful, bitter, evil, miserable, without peace, & without fear of God
    • We might not have met all the qualifications- but we can look back and see these in our life before God and grace
  • Verse 24-We are set free from things before grace at salvation – by grace and from Christ
  • I Corinthians 5:17-These are the old things! Not only do we get a new what – but a new why. Thanks, gratitude, and love  **Gospel

Navajo men going to Oakland by train:  – in station, saw sign- “Do not spit here”  – in beautiful home, no sign  //  – They loved their home and didn’t need a sign to keep it clean

Present: Under Sin –  Grace gives a New Master Romans 7:14

  • – Even though we can apply grace for salvation- we receive a new life with new motions-we still serve the old master…we stay in bondage to sin as slaves.
  • Exodus 3:7-8 – Pharaoh’s way vs. God’s way
  • Galatians 5:1 – Grace = Liberty to do what we ought (not what we want!)
  • Answers:  Romans 6:14-15 believe it!
    • Romans 8:15 – Spirit of bondage-brings fear

Future – Under Grace – Grace gives a New Mission Romans 16:20, Rom. 8:31, 32, 37, 39

  • God promise on ultimate victory over Satan – “over every devise and design on men’s souls to defile, disturb and destroy them.”
  • When all seems lost, wrong and wrong prevails – remember this promise-“Hold out, don’t quit!”
  • If God’s grace be with us – who shall prevail against us

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