The Kind of Faith We Need Today

Matthew 24:36-39  |  Hebrew 11:7

The Days of Noah

  • These days would be like the days when the Lord returns:

Genesis 6: * When corruption is common place

  • V1 – Population explosion – (USA – 1900:80m / 2000:300m)
  • V4 – Abnormal sexual practices and increased demonic activity
  • V5 – Wicked imaginations (II Timothy 3:13) rage, hatred, deviant, mischief at a young age
  • V11 – Violence – news, games, music, schools, streets

Food / entertaining, marriage / relationships, work – too busy with life to listen to Noah…too busy to notice…too busy to care!

Noah’s Faith

Proved by His Works – Eph. 2:8-10 / James 2:26

  • The reason our religion (churches) seem DEAD – (no action)
  • Life is motion – if you quit moving – you’ll die…don’t stop trusting!
  • How? take a stand; make that sacrifice; don’t be silent; shine; II Peter 2:5
  • Story of Charles Peece, “Do you believe that?” – to chaplain in death row

Patient in Waiting – 120 years (even before his sons were born)

  • Waiting on God – not twiddling thumbs – no! grab an apron and wait!
  • Genesis 6:22 Persistence in obedience – running in place – be ready (I Peter 3:20)
  • Keep praying; keep pounding; stay put; don’t quit; don’t leave until God opens the door

Provoked by Fear – * Not always a bad thing – depends on what / who is feared

  • Greatest motive = love…but only fear moves some: Drivers Ed., Fat School, smokers
  • Hebrew 10:31 (see v 30c) – you and I have a judgment!

Protected His family – protecting and pounding – more than locks and pay stubs…(the golden compass)

Prevailed amidst unbelief – (Matthew 7:13-14) He was on the winning side!

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