Dealing with Dysfunction

Isaiah 55:6-11 Dealing with dysfunction in self & In others

  • Bumper sticker – “Normal people worry me”
  • “We’re all Dysfunctional” Get over it! (“abnormal; impaired functioning” – body system, social grouping behavioral

The Origin of our Defects – Why am I the way I am? , Who can we blame?

Is alcoholism a disease? Or is it choice – there by a sin? (Both!)
Is homosexuality genetic? Or is it a choice…a sin? (both)

  1. Nature – You were born with defects – spiritual (sin nature) Romans 5:12
  2. Nurture –  Your environment – emotional wounds
  3. Choices – every individual’s free will – responses to influences / feelings / thoughts – Matthew 5:44

Overcoming the Enemies of Change (verse 7) Ephesians 4:32 – transformed – meta morph sis
If something is worth fighting for (reliable) – you’ll have to fight for it! NOT FREE!

  • Status – Quo/mediocrity – phobia of not being “average”

“Safety in numbers”  Unknown alone…Greg Louganis

  • Guilt – Psalms 32:1-2: every time they turn around – they see their sin/shame or they hear accusations (Satan) John 8:44
  • Allow God In – Psalms 139:23-24, Psalms 26:2 – “Just guess” which sins to confess

Opening my Heart to God’s Mercy (verse11)

  • God’s work – like the works of a beach – be the surfer – ride His wave

Allow God In – Be Honest – Spirit and Word (Proverbs 6:23) – Make a list (inventory)
Accept God’s Verdict – “amen” means “I agree” – I John 1:8  Humble – James 4:7-10
Ask God for Forgiveness – Don’t beg – I John 1:9, Don’t bargain – Romans 11:6 – “Daddy, I’m pregnant


  • Excusing an offence without exciting penalty
  • A release from penalties of the offense
  • To absolve from the consequence of crime
  • To allow to pass without punishment

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