Why Jesus Came

We find the “Scarlet Letter” Story… John 8:1-11

Woman caught ‘red-handed’ by those that obeyed Moses’ law – asking Jesus what should be done ’cause she broke the law…  (Deut 22:22 – ‘put to death’)  The law had convicted her & they hoped Jesus would condemn her (since they were ‘too holy’ to do it outright!)

Would Jesus follow the law?  Would he put her to death?             NO!

He bent down, wrote in the sand… and preached a little sermon:

“Punishments for law violations should be administered by the perfect & guiltless… only He was worthy to judge!”

But he tells them – He did not come to convict them – nor to condemn them… (Lk. 9:56)

1. He offers LIGHT [v12-20]

  • Light means change 12            darkness
  • Light means truth 14-18       record
  • Light means fellowship 19            1Jn1.9

2. He offers LIFE [v21-29, 24]

  • Life instead of death 21-22       spiritual
  • Life in heaven with Christ  23-24       claims
  • Life in Christ on earth  30            faith

3. He offers LIBERTY [v31-38, 32]

  • Free from sin’s slavery 34-35       Rm6.15-8
  • Free for serving the Savior  31-32       obedience
  • Free to speak what you’ve seen  37-38       witness

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